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Family and Couples Therapy

Family and couple therapy; It is a branch of psychotherapy in which the close relationship between families and couples is studied in order to ensure change and development. Family therapy is carried out to examine and correct the dynamics in the family when necessary, and to support individuals with ongoing disorders when necessary. Focusing on family dynamics, it creates concrete goals for the therapy process and aims to develop strategies to solve them. It is aimed to develop ways of communicating better with each other so that families can establish a healthy relationship.

Family therapy allows family members to find a middle ground and help each other. It focuses on accepting the different aspects of each member of the family and establishing the balance of living together. In this case, it is not the individuals who receive treatment, but the networks to which the individual is connected. In certain situations, the therapist may draw attention to problems that the family is unaware of and have the family work on these problems. At the same time, the therapist can draw attention to how family members treat each other.