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1 in 4 People Have Mental and Behavioral Problems

World Health Organization (WHO) mental health; defines it as a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his/her abilities, copes with the normal stresses of life, can work efficiently, and contributes to his/her community. Emotional, behavioral and social maturity, psychological well-being that provides integration with one's social environment; It also encompasses the balance of pursuit of love, work and entertainment. If there is harmony and satisfaction in this interaction process, the individual is considered to be mentally healthy.

  Protective and rehabilitative services are not at the desired level

Mental health problems can occur as a result of a wide variety of biological and environmental factors. Many factors such as genetic predisposition, personality traits, traumas, war, economic problems and environmental problems can cause mental distress and health problems in people. Today, mental health services in Turkey are mostly based on treatment. Protective and rehabilitative services are not met at the desired level throughout the country due to the low number of professional workers and the inadequacy of preventive in-service training. Studies show that 5 of the 10 diseases that cause disability and premature death in the world are psychiatric disorders (depression, schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder, alcoholism and compulsive disorders). Today, one in four people experience one or more mental and behavioral problems during their lifetime.

  Stress and difficulties in life situations trigger depression

Depression is the most common mental illness today. In fact, depression can also be defined as the "cold" of psychiatric disorders in today's Turkey, where emotions are very intense. Clinical depression is a mood disorder characterized by unhappiness, weakness and decreased activation that occupies daily life. The feeling of hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness felt when it becomes permanent can prevent the person from doing business, studying and having fun. Depression is most common between the ages of 18-30 and 45-65 years. Studies show that both depression and anxiety are more common in the life of urban people, and the rate of mental illness in women is twice that of men. The fact that people are more conscious about their diseases, difficulties in today's living conditions and stress are also seen as the reason for the increase in mental disorders in Turkey.

  Genetic and biological predispositions are important

Today, especially depression and anxiety disorders are among the problems in which antidepressants are most commonly used. It is not correct to consider daily temporary emotional changes as depression and anxiety disorder and to use medication based on hearsay information. The treatment of mental illnesses should be evaluated by specialists, and a personalized treatment should be planned by the specialist, taking into account genetic and biological predispositions. On the other hand, those who feel helpless about their psychological state may want to spend this situation by using alcohol or drugs. These false well-being approaches make symptoms worse.

  Early diagnosis and treatments bring the individual back to life

In many countries of the world and in our country, 'stigmatization' (stigmatization and isolation from society) for mental problems can cause hesitations in applying to the psychiatry outpatient clinic and delay the treatment. For this reason, psychiatric disorders should be handled as carefully as physical illnesses and should be followed up. In addition to reducing the triggering factors, improving a positive view of the environment in the field of mental health also increases social awareness about receiving psychological support. Early diagnosis and treatments facilitate the loss of function of the person, the progression of the disorder, the prevention of risky behaviors and the recovery of the individual's social role.